updated 21 Oct 2020

So Cal TT, 17-18 October 2020

This was a great event, solid turn out, weather great, fun roads. Email me photos and I'll add them here as in previous years.

The route

A quick tour of unburned and burned California. The route sheets, maps, Garmin files, etc are stil available at the end of this page. The route is viewable in map form on RideWithGPS. There are other format nav files available, you can make them youself from there.


Photos from Ben Cook

Photos from Logan Palmer

Photos from Paul King

Videos from Paul King

Audio from Paul King

Photos from Neil Parrott

Photos from Rex Levi

Photos from Richard Lundquist

Photos from Tom Jennings

Videos from Tom Jennings

Route sheets, maps, Garmin files

We've arrived in the 20th century! Wait a sec... Anyway here are the route sheets, in PDF form, suitable for printing. There are also Garmin .FIT files for GPS nav devices. .TCX, .GPX, etc. Ask in the next 24 hours and I'll produce them, here.

The route is broken into four segments: Saturday morning/afternoon, Sunday morning/afternoon, so you need to download and print four PDFs. The ZIP files contain all four files (PDF or FIT).

2020-SoCalTT-route PDF route sheets, all four
2020-SoCalTT-FIT Garmin .FIT files, all four
2020-SoCalTT-GPX .GPX files, all four

These are the individual files that are contained in the .zip above. You do not need to download the files below if you download the above.

Individual routesheet files


Individual Garmin .FIT files


Individual .GPX files