updated 02 aug 2021

So Cal TT, 24, 25 and 26 July 2021

Here we go again, only worse. Three days! Alternate route!

The first day got us to Santa Maria by one of two routes; the main one takes us over Happy Canyon/Figueroa Mountain Road, which has two rough areas, one a water crossing, that we drove in 2019. These are passable in any vehicle, but some disliked the roughness, so there is an alternate route that is good on it's own. Post tour: this was probably the last Happy Canyon/Fig Mountain drive for a while. Pothole count increased, it's geteting too treacherous.

Day two used our hotel in Santa Maria as a base from which to loop in a long, but not difficult, day. Some nice roads relatively unreachable from SoCal, down towards the coast in the afternoon. Long but not grueling. Overlooked 4.5 miles of dirt on Parkfield Grade turned out to be OK, minus one Alfa that decided it was a great place to vapor lock.

Day three we return home on a relatively easy day through familiar but fun terrain.

Thanks everyone, it was a swell time! Even if I lunched it on day 1. (Turns out to be less damage than I thought, in hindsight I could have pressed on.)

Remind me to bring more warm clothes to Santa Maria.

The route

Route sheets, maps, Garmin files

Here are the route sheets, in PDF form, suitable for printing. There are also Garmin .FIT files for GPS nav devices. .TCX, .GPX, etc. Ask in the next 24 hours and I'll produce them, here.

The route is broken into segments: Saturday morning/afternoon, Sunday morning/afternoon, Monday morning/afternoon. This is SIX segments. Saturday, the first day, has the afternoon alternate, so there are SEVEN files. If you are using a Garmin type device or RideWithGPS you will need to choose either Saturday's main route (TT21_Sat-2) or the alternate route (TT21_Sat-2-alt). But still six files total.

If you want to print out plain old paper route sheets ("cue sheets") download the route ZIP file and print out each fine inside. If you use a Garmin type device, or the RideWithGPS app on your phone, download the FIT (RideWithGPS and others) or GPX (Garmin, etc) ZIP file.

Here is the SoCal TT 2021 route collection on my RideWithGPS account.

TT21-route PDF route sheets, all seven
TT21-FIT Garmin .FIT files, all seven
TT21-GPX .GPX files, all seven


If you have photos send them to Tom and I'll upload them here. JPEG format preferred, but PNG works fine.

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