SoCal TT, 2023, October 8, 9, two days one night

updated 11 oct 2023

A two-day TT, mixed cars and bikes. This is a Sunday Monday event. Monday is Indigenous People's Day holiday.

The routes are available for download now, files below. Note that on Monday (day 2) morning the route takes us down Breckinridge Road, which we last drove in 2018 (in the opposite direction, uphill). It was slow and rough but not treacherous. It's a great road -- but I can't seem to find current conditions. So there's an alternate -- it's a fiiiine drive, Walker Ranch Road. There's not a lot of difference otherwise and you end up at the same place for lunch in Tehachapi.

OK, one of the best TT's I've ever driven. Weather was as close to perfect as we're likely to get.

Send me photos -- I'll post them here as they arrive. Prefer a big ZIP file but however it works. If your email program gives you a choice, send them as ATTACHMENTS not INLINE. But I'll work with whatever you send.

The route

Route sheets, maps, Garmin files

POST EVENT NOTE ON THE ROUTE AND CUESHEETS: There were some relatively minor errors on the cue sheets (badly labelled turns) that were corrected after the event. The existing sheets below still have these errors, so if you intend to re-use/rerun this route, go to the website and download new cues. It's free and easy.

All of the files are in one ZIP file here: The RWGPS "Collection" is here. If you use RWGPS you should be able to get all of the routes from there.

The route sheets ("cue sheets") are the .PDF files. Print all if you want paper routes.

Garmin and RideWithGPS .GPX and .FIT files are included. If you need other formats let me (Tom) know and I'll make them ASAP for you or get them directly from the collection.


Photos from Mark Yanni

Photos from Rob Henry and Renee

Photos from Rory Rinebold

Photos from Tom Jennings

Photos from Logan Palmer

Photos from Nicolas Ruch

Photos from Bill Nation